Bodybuilding With Total Gym

Here in this article we are talking about the 2 basic bodybuilding tips for beginners

I get a lot of beginners asking me what they should and should be doing, many people doing all the wrong s*** and realizing that on their own, and others very unsure of their process and looking to get some professional feedback from me. I much appreciate those people who are open to feedback and constructive criticism because that is how I made my way out the other end. Listening to others that have gone through the ropes you are about to climb is a great way to get rid of any unnecessary hassle in your process.

We are going to mention the basics, how to go about your routine, and building a solid foundation that allows for consistent growth in strength and muscle as you make your way into the bodybuilding realm.

So a lot of people don’t have the correct amount of foods or the right food but they make excuses like I didn’t have time to go to the store, didn’t have time to make the food, and a ton of other nonsense. But what I recommend is that you bulk cook, and if we’re talking nutrition and specifics, then you would cook like on a Sunday and maybe on a Wednesday or Thursday for the net following few days so you freeze a lot of your foods, take them out the night before, defrost overnight, and just put your stuff in a cool bag or go to work, school, whatever it may be. You have no excuses whether you’re traveling or not, you got your cool bag with you. I have mine right on my desk here. I do not leave home without it, I don’t get on a plane without it, Don’t go to a hotel without it, I haven’t missed a meal in over 16 years!
It can be done! I don’t have time, no one does, but you have to make the time. So number 1 make sure your food is cooked in bulk. Go out and get a crapload of containers and Ziploc bags as well.
Get some ice cool bags, and this is where protein supplementation can come in as well. If you don’t have time or if you can’t break out a tupperware container that stinks of fish or eggs or whatever, then shake up a protein shake and drink that. You can even add a cup of oats or anything. It may not taste the best but we’re here for packing on mass. You need to be prepared.
Number 2: Do compound lifts when you workout like you can with equipment like the Total Gym one-of-a kind home gym line. Don’t be going on the machines, you need to be doing compound units bringing on 16 different muscle groups. This will really increase testosterone and give your body a great pump. You need to do these workouts to grow and put your body into a state where it’s broken down so you can go out of the gym and feed it back up with clean, high- calorie meals. You need to be eating within every two to 3 hours following that!

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